I have to say that i have completely fallen in love with my new locket.
As you may know about 2 weeks back i held a Elsie Belle giveaway for the Busy Bee's bracelet.. and the lovely people over at Elsie Belle's also sent me this gorgeous locket to say thank you.

It was beautifully packaged in a nice small giftbox.

This is what Elsie Belle say about this necklace:
The sweetest little 1950's brass locket embossed with hearts and flowers and topped with a vintage brass mesh bow.

I remember briefly having a locket when i was 11years old. Me and my best friend back then bought each other cheap plasic one's. Does anyone remember getting plastic rings when they were little? Well the locket we bought each other were like that. They broke within a week! We didn't even keep pictures of each other inside them either.. We coloured them in with permanant marker!! -- Yep soo sad.
Anyway.. I have fallen in love with this locket! Even though i won't always wear it as i feel too scared to break it but i deffinatly will keep it close to me.

I know exactly what i will be putting in this locket. On one side i would like a picture of my mum and the other side i would like a picture of my boyfriend. I found it a little hard to choose who to put inside.. if i chose my sister then my brother would probably get jealous, same goes if i picked my brother. So i thought keeping it simple .. i'd pick my boyfriend. I'm also such a mummy's girl and me and my mum are soo close so i have to have her on the other side, without a doubt.

Go check out their website 'here' for 15% off ..remember to use my code: MISSFASHIONBEAUTY

What do you think? .. 
Also i would love to know, who would you put inside your locket?
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, i have not been paid to write this post. All opinions are my own and 100% honest, as always..