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Electro pop artist Beca, has become the third artist to collaborate with 17 as part of its innovative campaign, “17 Make-up Songs”.  The latest song posted ‘Who’s checking out who’, combines rising US electro-pop star and composer Beca with Peep Show mascara.

The mascara creates long, show-stopping lashes, perfect for flirtatious moments and this is reflected in the music and the video for the song, which shows teenagers ‘checking each other out’ in a club with Beca performing the song, which was specially composed for 17.
As part of the ongoing initiative, 17 is joining forces with fresh and exciting, up-and-coming female bands and solo artists to write songs and make music videos which convey the feeling that 17 make up products evoke.

What do you think of this new Peep Show Mascara?