I wanted to start doing weekly topics on my blog, topics where you can share and express your thoughts and opinions..  I always do wonder what other people think about certain things, obviously everyone has their own opinions of things so i would love to know what you think and of course i will also be sharing my thoughts on the subject too..
This weeks topic is about..
A few years back, and up until this day i have always been a huge fan of the MTV reality series 'The Hills'.. After watching over a few episodes like i do now and then i had completely forgotten all about Heidi Montag's(Pratt) surgery's. 
Heidi Montag is famous for being in The Hills where she starred alongside former best friend Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, Kristen Cavallari and Spencer Pratt who she went onto marrying in season 5.. 
In April 2007, Heidi had her first plastic surgery and had a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty.. In January 2010, Montag revealed to People magazine that she had ten plastic surgery procedures in one day, performed by Dr. Frank Ryan in November 2009. Among the procedures were brow-lifts, ear-pinnings, a chin reduction, as well as a second rhinoplasty and second breast augmentation. She revealed that she almost died from too much Demerol, reducing her breath rate to five breaths per minute, but said it was worth it.
Heidi Montag to me, was one of these girls who with or without make up on looked beautiful, she was a natural beauty and was one of my idols,  I think that plastic surgery has completely ruined her and i hardly recognize her anymore, why you would want 10 plastic surgery procedures all in one day when your already beautiful i don't know!
Heidi has spoken about how she was bullied in school about her looks, she said that she wouldn't smile in pictures because people would circle out her chin - Having being bullied myself in school,  i would love to change little parts about myself, yes i would love to have gigantic boobs and a bigger bum but i don't think plastic surgery is the answer..  Instead i've grown to love the way i look and just deal with it like any ordinary person would.  That's not to say i don't believe in plastic surgery, If you are really unhappy with the way you look that it's got to a stage where you to uncomfortable in your own skin then yeah i would probably do the same, but having 10 in one day..? No.
I'm sure you've all had at least one person in your life coming up to you and saying i want to have plastic surgery, i've had a friend who had a baby a few years ago who wanted a boob job and of course i did say what i thought to her.. in the end she didn't go through with it. (not because of what i had said but what she had read on the internet about it)
Again, i am not against it you should do whatever makes you happy at the end of the day..

What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?..  Would you have it done?.. 

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