Summer’s just around the corner, so it’s time to prepare for the summer months! Perfect your complexion before the BBQ season arrives and look fabulous in five simple steps – here’s how.

Get rid of dead skin cells
Dead skin cells can block your pores, so exfoliate on a regular basis. Rub an abrasive shower gel over your body (starting at your feet and working up to your face) and create a sweet-smelling lather. This will purge toxins from your body and will help stimulate your circulation – leaving you with a radiant glow. A glycolic face peel can remove dead skin, but if you’re looking for an everyday solution – this is for you.

Let your skin glow
Use a decent moisturiser and let your skin glow naturally. There are many products on the market, so make sure you choose something compatible with your skin type. If you’re not sure what to buy speak to a dermatologist or a beauty expert for advice. You might need one cream for your face and another for your body, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Use a sun cream all year round
The sun’s UV rays can cause lines, wrinkles, sun spots and a range of skin cancers. They’re very dangerous, so wear a sun cream all year round (even when it’s cold outside). During summer, wear long, cool clothes that protect your skin and stay out of the sun between eleven and three (as this is the hottest part of the day). It’s difficult to remove wrinkles once they are there, but preventative measures will help.

Use natural ingredient
Believe it or not, natural ingredients can be great for your skin – so raid your kitchen cupboards. Learn how to make a natural face mask by following these unique recipes and get your creative juices flowing. Mashed avocados can reduce the signs of ageing (as they’re rich in antioxidants) and oats mixed with banana can exfoliate your skin – so give it a go. 

Pucker Up
Lips often are dry and cracked in winter, so let them shine in the summer months, simply rubbing them with a wet flannel will help with flakes. With the many coral and pink lip-glosses and stains that are around this season you may be thinking about lip enhancement to make your pout stand out even more.

Exercise is great for your figure, but it can also keep your skin clean and clear. This is because dirt and grime leaves the body through sweat – opening up your pores. Hit the gym several times and week and you should see a difference in no time – just don’t forget to shower after an energetic session.

Take good care of your appearance and feel fabulous throughout the year.