The number of celebrity women known for looking fresh-faced and naturally beautiful seems to be dwindling these days. This is because many of the women we see on TV have had nose jobs, breasts reduction or other kinds of cosmetic surgery, as well as regularly wearing hair extensions, false nails and eyelashes and lashings of make-up.

This is fine for some people, but many of us want more of a low-key look. To show us how to look beautiful without all the cosmetics, preening and primping, let’s take our inspiration from stars such as Leighton Meester, Kate Winslet, Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz, all of whom are known for their stunning natural beauty.
Leighton Meester
The Gossip Girl star has this to say about beauty, speaking to Harper’s Bazaar recently:
"Beauty in itself is obviously completely subjective, but I think [it's] a lot from the inside out,"
The actress’ approach to looking good involves taking exceptional care of her skin. She says that she used to wear a lot of make-up everyday but now tries to avoid it on her days off. Leighton also says that she takes all cosmetics off when she’s at home and outdoors, she wears a strong sunscreen. She says:

"When I eat well and protect my skin from the sun, I always look a lot better."
Kate Winslet
Hollywood actress Kate Winslet has a less is more approach to beauty, especially when it comes to the cosmetics she uses. She told the Daily Mail:

“Glamour to me is about remaining graceful and understated.
“For example, with very bold lip colours, you can’t overdo the rest of your face.
“With a bright-red party lipstick, just go with lots of mascara and keep everything else clean.”
Natalie Portman
Famed natural beauty Natalie Portman has many top beauty tips, including using organic skincare products and keeping up her energy levels with vitamin injections. She also loves a slick of red lipstick and always sticks to the same jasmine-scented perfume. However, the best tip the actress has to offer natural beauty fans is:

“Don’t overdo the brows — stop plucking now or you’ll regret it.”
Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz, who despite being over 40 has the skin of a woman in her twenties, has revealed her three steps to keeping your skin looking youthful and radiant. These include applying a SPF moisturiser to stave off lines and wrinkles, getting as much sleep as possible and only using simple, pure skin care products. In relation to her last tip, Rachel recently told Now Daily:

“In general I like to use really simple, pure products on my face though - you never know what hidden ingredients might end up doing to your skin in the future.”

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