It is 2013 so let’s start off the year by rewarding ourselves! As a lover of natural skin care I delight in products that nourish and make the skin simply beautiful. The most delicate and sensitive area of the face is the skin right under the eyes. This area is ten times thinner than the rest of the face and is the first place where age shows on a person. As the under eye area loses elasticity and firmness we see fine lines and wrinkles. Some of us are also unfortunate enough to have dark circles, puffiness, or redness.
I want to tell you that there are some amazing natural products that really do work wonders to restore this delicate areas vitality. The skin care recommendation website Beautiful Facial has found the perfect under eye product combination and also offers a great discount Membership Program.
·     This amazing product is all natural plant compounds from the Lowland Moors. The black, rich mask is applied all around the eye area and kept moist for about 20 minutes. You can use this daily for 15 days to start and then a couple times a week is enough. The results are reduction in puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. The product penetrates the skin despite staying on like a mask and works wonders. This medium size jar has enough treatment for 4-6 months. 
Full of vitamins and essential oils, this great natural product yields unprecedented results. It moisturizes the delicate skin under the eyes and promotes firmer and healthier skin. It increases firmness, elasticity, reduces wrinkles and helps prevent new ones from forming. This jar is enough product for 3 months of daily usage.

Ok sure so I have told you about the best two products to use for the under eyes and also where to get them from with discounts. But now I want you to see the results. These are before and after photos that I took myself of a 67-year old woman. There have been no touches or changes made to the images and the results were after 10 days of treatments!
Well peeps that’s it. Get your best complete skin care routine recommendations from Beautiful Facial so that in 2013 you can get the most beautiful skin imaginable. And always remember that beauty is a cumulative process so live in the moment but always think ahead!

Author: John Mathews
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