I'm pretty sure you've all heard already, and i'm sorry that i'm just repeating what everyone else is saying.. but yes, it has been confirmed that Google Reader will no longer be available as of July 1st. 
This is something that has upset a lot of people.. me being one of them...
I've used Google Reader for years, i gained my first follower from Google Reader.. and now they are taking it away.
Although it hasn't been mentioned yet, i'm guessing Google Friend Connect will also be gone soon, if you haven't noticed already, they've basically hidden the followers in the "add a gadget" page in blogger.. and i'm pretty sure that's something to do with Google Reader and the change...

If you are as unhappy about this as most of us are, you can sign this petition to try to get Google to continue running the service.

So.. here we are all prepping for this big change, and here are a few ways you can keep connected with me.. UPDATE: HELLO COTTON WILL SOON BE GONE ALSO SO PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON BLOGLOVIN'.  THANK YOU XO

Bloglovin' - The easiest way to follow all your favourite blogs
For me, i've found using blog lovin' a whole lot easier than other sites.. and luckily for us Bloglovin' have made it so easy for us to import subscriptions..
You can use Google Takeaway to save a copy of all your subscriptions and subscribers..  Once you have that saved, you'll then need to open the file, it downloads as a zip file so once you click on the file you'll be able to use it.. You can then import all your subscriptions onto bloglovin using their import tool.  I think they have made it easier now where all you have to do it allow permission from bloglovin' to access your google account and they do the rest..

What will you do to prep for these changes?..