Do you know that feeling?.. That feeling where you find money in your pocket you didn't even know you had?..  According to Money Supermarket discovering a £20 note in your pocket is at the top of the list and one of life's greatest pleasures..  
Money Supermarket set a challenge for us bloggers to see what we'd spend with our money as part of the campaign..  So here's what i did with mine.. 

I thought long and hard about what to do with my money, i could buy a new purse?... some new work shoes.. but i decided i wanted to do what's best and help by sponsoring my friend, she's is running in the Paris Half Marathon to help raise money for her chosen charity.. Macmillan Cancer Support.
After losing her grandfather a few years back after a lengthly battle with cancer she decided to do everything in her power to help raise money for the charity... I sponsored £10 towards this..
"The charity improves the lives of those affected by cancer, not just the patients but their families too. This is sadly something which affects all of us at some point in our lives, and it was the amazing work I saw the Macmillan nurses do which made me want to raise money for this cause in particular. - Emily"
Last weekend i went to London and i had the most amazing time.. you can read about my trip here..  I stayed at my favorite hotel and the staff were so so nice, we ordered room service at around 7:30pm and we were so pleased with the service and the food, the staff were amazing and so so nice.. I don't think i've ever been to a hotel where staff are that nice, with that being said i thought they deserved a good tip so i tipped them the other £10..
I know this probably seems very boring compared to other blogger's challenges but i am really proud that i thought of other's before spending the money on myself on things i could clearly live without.. and also i'm so proud of how well my friend is doing, so far she has raised £245, she's only £5 away from her target!
- I'm wishing her all the best of luck with the half marathon and i am so so proud of what she's achieved so far..
What would you do if you found £20 in your pocket?