I always love these types of posts, everyone has their own takes on how to save money and i love reading through them.. Over the years i've learnt so many ways on how to save your pennies and i thought i'd share them with you all today..  please note that this is what personally works for me, it may not always work for you but i hope this can help in some ways..

1.  Savings Accounts - i know this is the obvious one, if your old enough to have a bank account then you should deffinetly start thinking of opening a savings account to, like my mother always tell me.. if you have any left over money at the end of each month or even on your payday.. put a percentage of that into your savings account.. Whatever you can afford, your interests build up over time and that's free money at the end of the day which can help towards your future..

2.  Cash Back Websites - Money saving websites such as Quidco and Top cashback for example these are the websites i personally use to help save a few pennies.. It's really easy to sign up and you earn a percentage of your money back.. They have a wide range of stores to shop and choose from to.. I've been using Top Cashback for around 2 years now and in the first year i got £100 cash back from all the shopping i did online.  Worth checking out if you do most of your shopping online..

3.  Selling on eBay - Another thing that i've done a lot of over the years, whenever i have a Spring clean i like to sell whatever i think will sell on eBay, it's great to earn extra pocket money for items you no longer need or use anymore.  End of the day, you may not want it but someone out there probably does..

4.  Borrowing - If you have a party coming up and don't have a new outfit why not ask your sister or your best friend if you can borrow a dress for the event instead of going out and buying an outfit you may never wear after that party..  I'm lucky to have an older sister so if i have a party coming up i always go to her, her wardrobe is full of all the latest clothes and that means i don't have to splash my cash on a new outfit.

5.  Electric, Phone, Water and Energy Bills - If you have monthly outgoings each month such as electric, phone, water or energy bills make sure your being charged correctly.. There are so many different companies out there that have good deals or your bills but are you taking the one that's right for you?.. Making sure your on the right tariff can make a hell of a difference to your bank balance.. you don't need to be paying more than you need to.

6.  Putting Money Aside - Like my mother says..'save your money for a rainy day'.  I get this in the ear all the time, every time i'm about to go out shopping i will hear my mum shout that famous quote from hers. (not hers, but you know what i mean).  So, i've decided to do what my mum tells me to do all the time and at the end of each week i put whatever change i have leftover in my purse in a piggybank or a jar and 'save it for a rainy day'.

7.  Discount codes - This goes without saying and being a beauty blogger has taught me to search online for discounts before making a purchase.. If say i was about to place an order for H&M i would google 'discount codes for H&M' and if there are any discount codes it will normally appear at the top, i use vouchercodes or hotukdeals for any discount codes and have done for years now.

8.  Freebies - There are quite a few websites for freebies, this is a great way to test products before purchasing to.. which saves you money.

9.  Asking for samples - If your looking for a new foundation, then why not ask for a sample.. Most stores offer samples if not you can always do a quick google search to see if you can grab a sample somewhere.  This is a great way to test the product before you purchase.. There has been so many times where i've just bought a foundation and it's not been right for my skin or it's not the right shade..

10.  Car Boot Sales - I personally have only ever been to one, but would love to go to loads more.. They are great if your selling or buying as you can find yourself some great treasures there.  If not, why not try selling those items you no longer need there and make yourself some extra cash!

11.  Cutting Back - By this i mean when shopping, do you really need 3 packets of biscuits and 5 pot noodles?.. No! - cutting back on your unhealthy eating habits could save you a lot of money. Believe it or not junk foods are the most expensive, plus you don't really get much out of it. Instead of 3 packs of biscuits why not just get the 1?..

12.  Buy Cheaper Brands - This is something i noticed myself doing today, whilst browsing through Tescos i was looking for hand wash and saw one that was £4! £4 for a hand wash, noway! I'm quite happy with my 90p one thank you.. this also includes food, why buy the branded more expensive items when the cheap one's are just as good?..

13.  Making the most of what you already have - This one's probably my favorite tip.. A short while ago me and the boyfriend really wanted a change in our office, we had 2 desks, one glass and one wooden.. We decided to dismantle his wooden desk and build a whole new office out of the one desk. It didn't cost us a thing and we love our new office.  Same with bedrooms, if you bored of the colour of your walls and have any spare paint left over from other times then use that instead..  Another one is using old beauty boxes for storage which is what i like to do..

14.  Presents - Instead of buying a present for someones birthday, why not make them something instead?.. It's always nice to receive something with a personal touch.. 9 times of 10 my friends ended up throwing my presents to the back of the drawer and never using it.. it's nice to make something for someones birthday as a keepsake.. plus it didn't cost you a thing to make!

15.  Returning items - This is something that i am really bad at doing, if you have a item that doesn't fit you or it didn't turn out to be what you had hoped then why not return the item for a full refund? Most stores offer refunds.. if not they'll give you a credit note which you can then use to get an item you would actually wear.  I'm one of these people that if an item wasn't what i was expecting i would still end up keeping just to save the hassle of getting a refund.. End of the day, that's me losing money ! I'm slowing teaching myself to save my money and go through the hassle of refunds as it'll all be worth it in the end..

16.  Do something your good at - if you have a talent, such as jewellery making.. knitting.. customising phone cases etc why not make good use of your talent and set up a small online shop to sell your items.. You never know someone out there might love your items! Plus it's earning you a little pocket money whilst doing something you love at the same time.

17.  Giving to the parents - If your ever saving up for something, maybe a holiday or even a place of your own.. Give some money to your parents each month and tell them to not hold back if you ever ask for it back.. I like to give my mum money if i'm ever on a real saving stint, i tell her not to give me my money until i've saved enough for whatever i'm saving for and it really does work. My mother is extremely stubborn at times, but it works in my favour anyway..

18.  Waiting for the sales - I cannot tell you how many times i have bought a full priced item only for it to then go on sale, wait it out.. you don't need them item straight away.. Save yourself some money and only shop when there are sales going on.

19.  Don't spend it all on payday - This again is something which has been hard for me to do, normally when i get paid within the week i'll be skint again.. It's nice to buy yourself a little treat every now and then but don't get caught up in having money.. Especially if you get paid monthly as your pay has to last you another whole month.. spend sensibly..

20.  Using your loyalty cards - There are a few loyalty cards that i have, Tescos Clubcard, Nectar Card, Shell Garage, Boots, Superdrugs, Debenhams etc.. Whenever your shopping with those, collect points.. Those points build up and it doesn't take long for your to earn £5.. £10..  I've used my points to get free petrol, lipsticks, grocery.. it's really a great way to save yourself some money..

21.  Hair and nails - is it really necessary for your to go to the salon to get your nails painted every week?.. Or if your going to a hair salon to get your hair dyed?.. I colour my own hair, cut my hair(not advised, i did hairdressing in college) and i have only been to get my nails done once! - Things like those are pointless to me when you can easily do it yourself at home and save a ton of money!

22.  Turn your electrical equipment off - if you not using your computer, or not watching the TV.. turn it off.. I've always been told off for leaving things on during the day if i'm not using them.. It saves so much money just by pressing that 'off' switch..

23.  Travel - If you travel to work, by car.. make sure you do some research first as to which petrol stations have the cheapest petrol, you can check at petrolprices.com.. if you travel by train, get yourself a railcard you'll be entitled to up to a third off nearly all off-peak train fares.. if you work close by, walk to work or ride a bicycle.. it's free and it's saving the environment at the same time..

24.  Mystery shopping - Spare time on your hands?.. Try mystery shopping.. This is something i love but hate at the same time.. we get a fair few mystery shoppers where i work, it's hard to spot which one's are mystery shoppers but i've always got good feedback.. You can make yourself some extra cash doing mystery shopping plus some companies actually give your money just to shop there just to give feedback on what your experience was like.. It's also great if you was already planning on shopping there.

25.  Buy Second Hand - Things like cars, clothes, phones etc.. you can buy second hand at probably half or quarter the price.. you can get enormous savings just by buying things second hand.. it's just unwanted items which aren't being used anymore..

26. Charity Shops - I like to shop charity shops if i'm ever looking for a certain something.. i volunteered at a charity shop a couple of years ago and loved it! Some items that they received are incredible.. Someone once handed in a designer handbag in perfect condition and it was sold for £5.  I bought around 10 items once for about £4, they were all good branded items such as Topshop and River Island in total it would of saved me £100-£150!!

27.   Hiring - When i have special events to go to and i don't have a dress, i like to hire them.. It costs a few pounds to hire but it's cheaper than going out to buy a dress plus it's really lovely designer dresses which is an even bigger bonus see'ing as though i'd never be able to actually afford one, i like to use Girl Meets Dress..

28.  Buy in bulk - When there are special offers in Boots or Superdrugs for toilettres or make up i like to take full advantage of the offers and stock up whilst i can.. It saves me a lot of money in the long run..

29.  Make your lunches - I don't do this enough but when i go to work, i always like to make myself packed lunch if i get the time to.. I should really make the time to do so though as i always end up buying junk food at work which again costs me money.. having a packed lunch is much more cheaper..

30.  Keep the samples - if you receive samples of products, save them if your not going to use them straight away.. you can use them when you've run out of your other products or you can take them on holiday with you to save you having to purchase miniatures..

I hope you enjoyed my money saving tips and ways to save your money, i really enjoyed doing this post for you all.. Also this was an entry into the 30 ways to save £1 for Money Supermarket, I hope you find my tips useful also and i would love to know what you do to help save money?..

The guys at Ladbrokes Games have created this fun infographic, the title of the infographic is 'Can you spot a good deal?' It's a fun way of testing you perception as to what makes a good deal.  There a 7 different items with 7 fictional price tags, all you have to do is judge whether each item is a good deal or not..  Surprisingly i got all 7 infographics correct.. I think it's very important you know when trying to spot a good deal, i like to do research on products i'm about to buy just so i know i'm not being ripped off.. The images below show 7 deals, good and bad.. it's up to you to spot which one's you think are the good deals and which one's are the bad one's.. If you go down to the bottom of the image you'll be able to see which deals you got right and wrong..
Sorry the image quality isn't perfect i've also linked it aswell so you can have a better look of the infographic - here