Have you ever had your Tarot card read for you, or ever wanted to experience what it's like..?  I had my tarot card reading when i was 18 years old at Brighton Pier..
I know it's a hit or miss with some people, but i find it amazing how you have psychics look into your lives and also predict the future for you.. even if you don't believe in these sort of things it's also a very fun experience.
When i went for my Tarot reading mine was more of having my future and love life read out for me,  i've always wanted to know what my future would be like, even if it may not come true or doesn't seem real.
So when i was 18years old, me and my best friend Kat (at the time) went to have our future read out, mine was the following.. i can't remember all of what she said, i remember telling her to just give it to me straight.. this is what i do remember..

"You have lost a lot of good friends in your life and experienced a lot of heart break, you have been best friends with someone very close to you since a very young age and your friendship will continue for the rest of your lives.  You also lose a very close friend in a tragic way.. You have met a man whom you are unsure of, but give him time.. this may be the man you end up marrying..
Your life has a lot of ups and downs and is one big roller coaster - but one day you will have to make a life changing choice..
Your career right now doesn't make you happy, but in your early 20's you'll find your perfect career.. with a lot of hard work and dedication you could be doing this for years to come.."

So a lot of what the lady said was true, i did lose a lot of friends and experienced a lot of heart break in the past, i also have a best friend whom i have been very close to since a young age.. which is my sister Rachel.  I did also lose a very close friend of mine in a tragic way.. won't say on here..
I did meet a man, who i am still with called Billy.. i wasn't sure of him because he didn't want to commit, however we have now been together for 7years..
I have yet to make a life changing choice but this may be to do with my future.. whatever it is scares me a little.
And lastly, my career.. back then i was a sales assistant and when i lost my job.. i started my blog.. even though my blog isn't my career i feel as though it has made me a whole lot happier.

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