I think everyone in the world has dreams or a bucket list of things they want to do.. i made a list of things i want to do before i die.. obviously i'm not saying that all of which would happen but they are dreams after all.
MoneySupermarket have a very exciting competition where they are helping people complete something off their bucket list, the winner will get £1000 and four runners up will get £50 to help achieve their bucket list..
So i thought i'd share with you all my bucket list - starting with the smaller budget things..

1.  Learn to speak Chinese - Now this is pretty embarrassing as i am Chinese, but i am a British Born Citizen.. i was born and raised in the UK so have never really had time or though about learning Chinese.. However it is something i have loved to have learnt as a child but never been able to pick it up.. However, i do understand it very well.. just cannot for the life of me speak it.. i've tried going to Chinese school and that didn't work.. It would mean so much to me to be able to speak Chinese, firstly i wouldn't have to feel ashamed and second i could talk to my grandma and other family in Chinese.. 

2.  Go Skydiving - This is again something that i've wanted to do as a child, even though i don't want to do it for myself.. i want to do it for charity, i am not so much scared of heights but the thought of it scares me.. but, i would happily do it for charity.. I've asked around for charities i could do the challenge for but i think theres a bit of a waiting list for the charity i want to do it for.. Again, doing it for charity would be amazing, it would literally make me feel like i've done something good for those in need.

3.  Live in LA - I see the lives of those in LA and i envy them so much, i wish my life was like theres.. Especially as i picture it as Lauren Conrads life... However, i really don't have the money to live there as much as i would love to it's only a small dream.. Being able to live in LA would be like living in a dream world, compared to where i live now, it'll be a life changing experience. 

4.  Move out - I would love to have my own place, me and my boyfriend have been together for 7 years and still haven't got our own place, money is always so tight and with bills to pay every month we haven't succeeded in getting our own place or even putting down a deposit we can't afford.. Having my own place would give me the freedom to do whatever i wanted in my own place, i could cook dinner without being worried i've used someone else's food, living with 10 other people is not great, you don't get much time to yourself and i would love to be able to do what i wanted without others judging..

5.  Get Married and Start a Family - I class this as two as they are what you normally do together, i would love to have the perfect wedding.. beautiful white dress and gorgeous white lilies.. i don't know if i ever will get the perfect wedding but it's a dream that all girls have.. i also would love to have babies, not quite yet as i think i'm still a little young but later in life i'd love to have my own mini me's running around.. Having my own family and getting married would be my greatest achievement i've always been family orientated so would love to be able to start a family and get married.

And my last dream and i would say is my most wanted dream and that is to travel the world, i am so jealous of those who have, literally it's been my dream since i was a little girl, i managed to save a little when i left college but unfortunately other life events happened, my best friend died and i suffered with depression after having an abortion at a young age.. anyway i didn't end up going.. However i would love to travel the world, see the great wall of China.. The Eiffel Tower etc.. It's always been a big dream of mine.. 

I would love to see Alice for Pretty Wonderful, Adrianne from The Sunday Girl & Rachel from Life of a Sweetaholic bucket lists.. 

If you would like to take part in this challenge for your chance to win £1000 towards your bucket list then simply write your own post of your bucket list featuring one budget and one extravagant bucket list item, state what is preventing you from doing them and what it would mean to you to complete each of these. - Then list 3 other bloggers you think would be interested in joining in on the fun and either tweet MoneySupermarket on Facebook, Twitter or email for your entry to count. - Remember to include #budgetbucketlist so they can see your entry.. - For more details see here.

What's on your bucket list?...
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