I've been wanting to write this post ever since i first started blogging really, starting back 2 years ago when i first set up my blog, i knew i did it for a reason.. that reason was to just write about things i loved, talk about my life and just talk to others like-minded.. However if i had known further down the line i would of received hate mail etc i probably wouldn't of done it.
I first received my first 'hate mail' about 2 years ago, just after a few months of blogging.. i hate a very horrible spiteful girl basically spamming all my posts i had written just to call me names, saying how much she hated my blog and even got called some racist names.. I found out who that person was and just forgot all about it until lately when i started to receive more hate mail.. i got an email a couple months back, a very horrible email again saying that she hates my blog, my blog is pointless out there compared to other blogs.. called me all the names under the sun..  I didn't reply of course, i didn't delete the message either..
I also started a Youtube channel back in April, i've only published about 10 videos so far but even then, i have that one sad person who goes round 'disliking' every video i make.. I know a lot of people will just say, why do you take notice of these things.. Personally, it took a lot for me to start a Youtube channel again, i am a very private person if i'm honest, i don't share much of my life because of it.
Back when i was in school i was pretty much the same, i didn't like to speak much about my life, i also got bullied so that also made me more of the quiet private person i am..
Anyway, before i made youtube videos i knew how long it took a person to record, edit and upload a video.. so for me, if i didn't like someones video i would of never clicked the 'dislike' button nor would i ever even think to write a nasty comment. - It's things like that, that affect others. saying one hurtful comment can really effect someone.. If i simply didn't like the video then i just click off it, as simple as that.. 
As for bloggers as well, when i do receive a nasty comment i simply now just delete the comment and forget all about it, end of the day i just put it down to jealousy.. only jealous people talk about those behind their backs, only jealous people bitch and gossip about others..
Call me old fashioned but bitchyness has never been for me, i don't like it at all, i can't stand those who do it!
I know starting a blog has been the best decision of my life, it's made me more confident as a person.. it's made me who i am today.. the hate mail just comes with it, but that one person doesn't effect the hundreds/thousands of people who read my blog... your just an ant to me.

I think one day, everyone is bound to deal with some form of hate and you will have to choose a way to deal with it.. weather that's to respond or to ignore it..
Responding to hate only makes the problem bigger, you have given them the reason to reply back to you which will soon escalate..
Ignoring them gives you the satisfaction.. they can keep picking fights with you, and if you ignore it then they will soon give up.

Have you ever received hate mail?.. How do you deal with it?..