The only time i have ever tried a health type drink was a weight loss one safe to say it didn't work and it tasted disgusting, ever since then i have always thought these types of things were puns and something that i put to the back of my mind..
However, i am always looking for extra pick me ups for health such as vitamin tablets.. I was offered a chance to try out these Little Miracles drinks which i have heard and seen other people talk about to..
Being honest i thought it was going to be more on the lines of the weight loss one which i tried and if it was then i would hate it straight off.. However i posted a picture on Instagram of these and so many of you had said that you loved them so i felt at ease.
The first one i tried was the Black Tea Ginseng Peach, this was probably my favourite out of the bunch it tasted the best anyway it had lots of flavour to it and you could barely taste the Black Tea over the peach.. I then tried the White Tea Ginseng Cherry which again tasted delicious again you could barely taste the White Tea but the Cherry was lovely!
Lastly i tried the Green Tea Ginseng Pomegranate, i had a mixed reaction to this as i love Green Tea but i hate Pomegranate.. This one is slightly different to other's though you can taste more of the Green Tea over the Pomegranate taste but again it tasted lovely and really refreshing.
These are now one of my favourite go-to drinks and i've even noticed my skin improving a lot more now that i have started drinking them, they are a great pick-me-up through out the day and are very refreshing.. They definitely quench the thirst and give you that extra boost in the mornings!
I will definitely be picking up some more of these when i next pop into town..

These drinks are only 100 calories a bottle and are completely free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners.. The best drink to literally drink your way to health..

To find out more on Little Miracles check out their website and if you want to grab yourself a bottle or two they can be found at Asdas, Waitrose, Morrisons and selected Holland and Barrett stores for £1.49 each (300ml).

Have you tried these Little Miracles Drinks?.. 
*pr samples