Preparing for a new season is one of my most favourite things to do, nothing beats putting away the past seasons clothes and bringing forward the new seasons.
I personally love preparing for Autumn/Winter most out of all seasons, i love the warm snuggly clothes and i much prefer keeping warm than staying hot all the time.
I picked out a few of my current favourite Autumn/Winter picks to show you all today and i must say, right now my wish list for Autumn/Winter clothing is getting way to long to even list.
My first favourite and one i probably would never be able to pull-off is this Toggi Deerstalker Hat, i've always loved the idea and look of these, keeping your head and ears nice and warm, i've tried one of these on in the past and i definitely did not suit it at all however i still love the look of them..
I've been loving purchasing boots lately, ankle and knee high boots. I like how stylish they look with almost anything you wear plus keeping your feet warm to, i picked these Toggi Brampton Jodhpur Boots which i have a pair that looks very similar expect mine has kind of died on me over the past few years. I would love to grab myself another pair as these lasted me for years and are one of the best booties i own/did own.. Toggi Boots are one of my favourite pairs of shoes to get, the quality of them are amazing and they will last you years to come.
The other pair of boots i really like the look of are these Dublin Waterproof River Boots, i'm currently obsessed with knee-high boots at the moment as i'm kind of preparing for the snow to fall, yes even in September i like to prepare early as we all know it's not long now. I failed last year and wore my Ugg Boots whilst trekking out in the snow and i completely ruined them so this year i am making sure i get myself so nice knee-high boots.
Next is an essential, you have to have a scarf or snood for the Autumn/Winter months.. I own a ton of them but can never have to many. I'm currently eyeing this one up which is the Wool Wear Snood, i love snoods as they keep my neck warm and i don't have the risk of them falling off like i do with scarves.. I love the design of this one, very plain and basic and also very versatile.
The last and final favourite Autumn/Winter pick is these Mountain House Courtney Sox, i get a it crazy when it comes to stocking up for the colder weather especially when it comes to socks, these are just one's i've been eyeing up but i have a ton of other socks i love the look of to. These socks have a Mountatin House and Snowflake design on them, perfect for Autumn/Winter to keep your feet warm..

Are you currently preparing for Autumn/Wnter?..
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