Something which i haven't ever shared on here (i don't think) is the fact i used to smoke, technically i still do.. Just not cigarettes but an electronic one instead.  Looking back, i'll never regret that day where i bought myself an electronic cigarette to try out, it really wasn't intentional to give up smoking however after years of trying the last thought that went in my head was that i wasn't going to give up with an electronic cigarette... Going onto nearly a year and a half later it's still going strong and i would highly recommend electronic cigarettes to those thinking about quitting or cutting down, or if you want to replace your cigarettes with some flavour and cut out the horrible chemicals then that's also an option.
In the past year or so i've tried plenty of electronic cigarettes, with my boyfriend actually owning his own company and selling the liquids i've had my fair share or flavours and kits.
The latest kit i've got my hands on is this Maxi Electronic Cigarette* plus 3 flavours to try out from Simply E-Liquid.  
The electronic cigarette kit comes with the following
2 x Electronic Cigarettes (2 x 650mah batteries and 2 x heating elements)
1 x USB Lead to charge the batteries
1 x Wall Charger to charge the batteries
1 x Carry Case

The kit retails for £39.99 which is pretty reasonable for a highly built electronic cigarette, i've been using mine for just over a week now and it seems to do the job well enough.  It comes with a pretty nifty design of some cogs on the cigarette and also on the outer packaging..
I was also sent 3 flavours, RY4, Coconut and Cotton Candy - two of which i did choose.  I normally have RY4 so that was the one i was most looking forward to try, if i'm honest it tasted and vaped the same as my bottle of RY4 but instead made my throat and chest hurt afterwards, same with the other flavours to.. After talking to my boyfriend about it he explained that it's to do with the PG or VG mix, which made sense.. I normally only have 100% VG, which doesn't tend to hurt your chest/make you cough..
Anyway, i tried out all three flavours despite the fact that i really dislike Coconut but gave it a go regardless, i love the taste of the RY4 and the Cotton Candy however the Coconut flavour tasted dreadful to me(please take it into account i really dislike Coconut flavour of anything)..
I asked for 11mg in strength as that's what i normally have and the strength was perfect. The Maxi Electronic Cigarette works great also but i much prefer my E-VOD kit as it vapes better and gives off a better and cleaner taste.
The batteries last pretty well, i charge one up whilst using the other and they tend to last a good few hours maybe about 5-6 before needing a re-charge. They take approximately 3-4hours to fully charge but i tend to have a back-up battery for this and purchase a couple spare if i'm ever leaving the house for a certain amount of time.. You can also get a more powerful battery that will last longer which Simply E-Liquid also stock..
All in all the kit is pretty good especially for beginners and those who are just starting up, as well as being able to pick your on flavour/s and strength you can also choose to have no-nicotine liquids which most companies do do.. So i would highly recommend them to anyone, i think electronic cigarettes are definitely the new way to go..

Have you ever considered an electronic cigarette?.. Also which flavour would you choose?..