If you don't follow me on twitter and haven't quite caught onto the news then basically i'm going to be making a small big change...
You may have noticed the lack of posts lately on this blog and there is a reason to it all.. I've been feeling a bit lost lately with my blog, unsure of what to do i took to twitter and asked if it was best to let go of Miss Holly and start a fresh or do both..?
Basically i took some 'time out' to think of what to do and i came to a conclusion, i have been blogging for over 2 years now and it's been amazing to see this little blog grow, starting off from something i  used to call a diary, i have decided to keep and continue to blog on Miss Holly and i have also decided to start up a fresh new website which is going to be full of fresh new content as well as interacting with other bloggers more.
So, i'm happy to say in the next month or so i will be introducing my new website to you all.. 
I am really happy with my decision and excited for you to see the launch of my website as well as getting in touch with other bloggers to par take in the website..

I shall keep you all updated but for now, blogging will continue as normal and i apologise in advance if posts are not as usual as normal..