Facebook is a great way to keep touch with friends, new or old. I've been on Facebook now for a few years and i must admit, i was probably one of those annoying Facebook people who constantly changed my profile picture..
However, nowadays i barely go on Facebook and if i do it's to spy on people, oh c'mon we all do it!
If not, then i simply just go on there to reply back to friends..
Of course, there are some people on Facebook who clearly just take it to another level and go on there to rant, constantly update their status and send you those really annoying requests for Farmville, Candy Crush etc..
Lovemyvouchers.co.uk recently undertaken research amongst  over a thousand of our subscribers to find out the kind of people who are considered the most irritating on the social network.
They've created this rather amusing, yet so very true infographic of the most annoying people on Facebook, i think we can all safely say that there is someone on the infographic that we can point to.. *cough* MUM number 5 *cough* 

Do you know someone who fits into these categories?..
*post collaboration