Lately i've been obsessing over getting 'new things' for Autumn, i have literally browsed over hundreds of websites (that may have been a slight exaggeration) but i am literally obsessed with revamping my wardrobe lately.
I came across Van Mildert and i have literally fallen in love with just about everything on the website and of course i've made up a little wish list of the items for keepsakes and so that i can go back to and purchase when payday arrives.
So you may or may not know already but i have a slight addiction to Ted Baker, i am literally lusting after everything from the line, from handbags to wash bags to even phone cases, i just adore Ted Baker!
The first item i've actually wanted for a long time but can't quite justify spending that much on a handbag if it's anything like me then i'll get bored in a months time and want a new one.. However i am just in love with this Tan Mini Bowler Bag - for whatever reason i just prefer bowler bags over any other style of bags. My next favourite from Ted Baker are there phone cases, i really like the Floral Print Phone Case and the Black Bow Phone Case.. However there are quite a few phone cases from Ted Baker that i have my eye on.
The last thing from Ted Baker which i am loving is this Glitter Bow Gold Washbag, i actually have a wash bag from Ted Baker already but am loving this one, perfect for fall!
Moving onto clothing now, i've had my eye on some Black Leather Look Leggings for a while so when i spotted these from Michael Kors i literally couldn't take my eyes off them. They are gorgeous and exactly what i was looking for, not sure if i'd pay the price of them but if i won the lottery however these would be the first purchase i'd make.
The next clothing piece i've been eyeing up are Quilted Jackets, ever since i saw Jack Branning wearing one on Eastenders i had hopes to get myself one, i've never found the 'right' one though, i spotted this one which is by Joules and i just love it, they do other colours to so i'm thinking of getting the Navy Blue one.
The last and final thing i've been loving is this Metallic Lace Cobalt Blue Top, isn't it just gorgeous!?.. I love tops and sweaters which have nice detailing on them and this just ticks all the boxes. I am in love with the detailing and the colour of this top.  Maybe a little pay day treat to myself?..

What's your current love's this month?..
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