This week so far has been an absolute whirlwind.. even though it's only Tuesday!  I've been under a lot of stress lately with my new website which will be launching soon, it's all come along nicely and i can finally set a definite date.
However there have been other things on my mind as well... Over the past week this been going on, but last night at work i had a really terrifying experience which resulted in the police being called and a man arrested.. and i suffered my very first panic attack..  I've barely spoken much today and i've cried and stayed in bed for the most part of the day.. 
Even though i'm not 100% ready to talk about what happened just yet i feel as though i need to have a little break away from things.. weather that's for a week or longer just to pick myself back up again..
However i will still be launching my website and i shall let you all know via Twitter when the launch date will be and i also have big plans for Miss Holly to for when i return.. but for now i am putting MH on hold...