Simply Be, a go to store for the must have catwalk trends and to give women what they want when it comes to fashion and to make them feel fabulous in clothes in sizes 12-32.
With 9 stores across the UK and an online store as well, i find myself even at a size 8/10 shopping at Simply Be purely because they do the best knitwear and their dresses are to die for. I even get a little jealous as i wish they did all sizes just so i could buy the cute dresses.
Simply Be have just launched a new video about the story of life.. In the video theres an interview with a mother speaking back to her younger self now that she is older and wiser with a few little tips for us younger lot.  I can definitely relate to a lot of things that she says in the video, such as 'Remember the 10 compliment you got instead of the one insult, in the end you won't even remember the person who said it'. I absolutely love that, i used to stress a lot about what people thought of me, now i really don't care and instead every tiny compliment i get i treasure. (i don't get them very often)
The video is truly inspiring because it's about making the decisions, choices, memories and achievements in life, to make you who you are today..
Simply Be want to make women from all around the world to feel fabulous about themselves, everyone is unique in their own ways.

Do you have that one moment in life where you were down and now you just look back on and laugh?.. Or maybe it was an achievement your really proud of?.. Share your story!

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