I'm not sure how to even start this post or what i'm even going to say but i just felt the need to sit down and write a post up for you.
It's been a while since i've felt like that, in a good way.. I seemed to have forgotten how to write a post lately and the inspiration just wasn't there as much as i was trying.
However, having really thought about it i kind of realised discovered one thing.. which is what i wanted to talk to you all about today.
I started my blog back in April (14th) 2011 with what started as just something i would call my own personal space to let loose and talk to other people who liked the same things as me. With that being said i then turnt my blog into a beauty blog, then a lifestyle and beauty blog.. and lastly a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. I was a little confused to say the least as to what i liked blogging about the most which is what brought me to write this post.
Now i'm not saying i don't enjoy writing about make up and all things beauty but overtime it somehow turned into an all about beauty blog to me and that's not something i had wanted, as much as i adore make up i also love other things.. fashion, photography, food, DIY etc.. which i never really share on here as i had in fact solely made my blog a strictly beauty blog. 
This is why i have decided to make huge changes to Miss Holly, i want to be able to blog about more things and not just beauty, there will still be beauty post's of course but i will also share more of my life which i haven't before, even though that may bore you to death it's something i would want to hopefully write about and share with you.. So for now, let's just call my blog an 'everything blog'.

I hope you will all continue this journey with me and still enjoy my blog as i make this huge change.