My story is a little weird but let me tell you why I believe in tarot readings. When I was a little girl I had my first reading after I lost a close friend of mine…my best friend. We were in Brighton one day and I was with my friends who knew of my loss and we walked past a shop. Something drew me in. It was a shop that sold tarot cards, angel cards, etc. In the upstairs of this shop, you could have your reading done.

Now back then I was a little girl - childish, immature, with no beliefs. As I walked in and sat down, my friends waited outside. I had an hour session with this really lovely lady. She shared the same name as my mum, Katie.

I'll state now that I had never met this lady before, nor did she know a single thing about me!

In this session we focussed on tarot card readings and also on palm readings, which if I’m honest I wasn’t really interested in. She also attempted to contact two of my loved ones. The first was my best friend Hannah who I lost. They just tell you what you want to hear to help you move forward, I thought. Then the next person she contacted was my granddad which was a  little unexpected as he had passed before I was even born. She spoke of how he watched over my sister and brother and how he was there for me when I fell over in the playground when I was 6 years old and cut my knee open. When I lost my best friend that year, he was also there.

Again, a part of me was thinking 'you’re making this all up' but when I left I wondered ‘how did she know I had a sister and brother?’ I never mentioned anything about them. How did she know I fell over in the playground aged 6 and cut my knee open?

I went home that day and did some research on readings and, as sad as it sounds, I believed in it.

The next time I had a reading was in November of last year. My boyfriend’s mum has a close friend called Lesley who comes to stay with us a few times a year and I asked her if she could help me as I was going through a bad patch.

She did some tarot card readings and though most of the cards I picked up were about having babies and the stress caused by work and family, it helped a lot. Again she got through to my granddad. She described how he was wearing this grey suit and tie and stood at the end of my bed smiling.

This creeped me out as this actually happened, in real life! When I went through a sad stage in my life, I basically cried myself to sleep. When I woke up after having a nightmare, there, at the end of my bed, was my granddad!

Now again, this could have been an hallucination. I have never believed in ghosts or fairies or aliens and, until that one day, I never believed in readings.

However, I wouldn't say I believe 100% but a part of me has some strong beliefs in readings and ghosts so I’m a little 50/50.

Every so often I like to look online for gifts for our family friend Lesley, so that when she comes round we can do readings together. I spotted these tarot cards from Holistic Shop. They also sell all sorts of cards from tarots, angel, animal and healing cards to CDs, DVDs, candles and crystals, plus lots more! 

Do you believe?..
- post collaboration
- post written by Miss Holly