There are so many gadgets and apps out there which are designed for wish lists made easy, basically a site which you can go on and add a whole bunch of items which your lusting after.. Or just make a wish list of some of your favourite items. It's such an easy way to keep on track with what you need to buy come pay day or just stuff to slowly buy for yourself over time.. I love making wish lists as you may be able to tell from my blog, it's an easy way for me to basically put everything into one so that i can purchase or just send the list to a friend or family member if they ever ask me what to buy for my birthday, it's genius really. Suppose! is a fairly new site to me in which you can create lists of your favourite things, wish lists, or even make a list of some items to get for your home, garden, or maybe some fashion items your lusting after.
I love the whole idea around Suppose! as it's easier for me to add things into one little space and add it into a blogpost so that it's just a simple click-through to purchase, which will then save you the time and energy to find it yourself online. I'll definitely be using it more when i get back into Youtube and when i create future wish lists! You can also see and follow other peoples lists to so you can take a snoop at what they are loving to. I currently have a list on there of my Beauty Favourites which include a whole bunch of beauty items which i am loving or currently lusting after! It includes my favourite lipglosses at the moment which are the Tanya Burr Lipglosses and also my extremely loved Naked 3 Palette
I then have a wish list for some Home Items which i am in need of picking up, i love purchasing and making lists for homely items i think it's probably a favourite hobby of mine, redecorating and revamping the house. I recently picked up these H&M Cotton Cushion Covers which i am absolutely loving! The print is amazing and it's perfect for Spring/Summer time.

Feel free to check out my lists on Suppose! and don't forget to follow me to :)  

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