With Summer comes a lot of sunshine and with that there's festivals, BBQs and of course holidays and beach days - For men, it's all about showing off the abs and for women.. Well it's about showing off our bikini bodies that we've worked hard on for months on hand.
Especially as we are still recovering from the colder months where we've packed a few to many pounds on. We all need a little reminding some times that we need to look after ourselves a bit more and we all have little reasons as to why we want to lose a little weight.
With Slim.Fast they're there to motivate you and help you lose those extra pounds - that's why they created the Slim.Fast 3.2.1 plan to help us all - plus it really does work!
I've been on many weight loss programmes, not because i feel like i need to lose a ton of weight just because i like feeling motivated to keep myself healthy, to cut out all the bad stuff i eat and just to look after my body more, plus losing those few extra pounds is just a bonus really.
Weather it's to lose a few pounds or just to tone up for your next holiday, Slim.Fast have proven to help those lose weight and maintain a healthy eating and their target weight thereafter.
The Slim.Fast 3.2.1 plan is designed to deliver an intake of approximately 1,400 calories a day for women and approximately 1,600 calories per day for men - which could result to 1 or 2 pounds weight loss a week! The plan is built around replacement products (power shakes and meal replacement bars) and a selection of tasty meals.

This video shows 3 scenarios where a woman is at a wedding and catches the bouquet and her dress rips, then in the changing rooms and she can't get into a skirt, then the last scenario is when she gets tagged in a photo and we all get those moments where we just don't want to see what our friends have tagged us in.. I can totally relate to that!
Now just because they are there to motivate you, doesn't mean we can't all laugh about those moments together.. That's what they like to call #SlimFastMoments

If your thinking of losing weight or just seeking some motivation, join the flexible Slim.Fast 3.2.1 plan today!

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