Have you ever wanted to take your favourite fragrance on the go but don't want to weigh your bag down by taking the entire perfume? That's where Travalo Fragrance Atomizers* come to the rescue, not only are they super easy to use, they are only 8.6cm's and they can last for up to 65 sprays. Then, once you run out all you have to do is keep refilling with your current favourite perfumes. 
I'm off on my holidays in just under 3 weeks and having wrote down a list of what i need to pack i completely forgot all about the hand luggage and what i need/want to take. I am sharing a suitcase with my boyfriend and he literally packs everything so i know if the suitcase goes over 20kg it will be his fault.  To make things easier, i'm taking small products - we are only going for a week so i have travel sized products to make things a little lighter. However i didn't want to take a full sized perfume, the perfume i'm taking is only 30ml but it can be a bit weighty so that's where the Travalo comes in so handy. 
I've currently filled this up ready for my holiday with my favourite fragrance and it's also coming along with me in my carry on bag.
The Travalo's are very easy to fill/refill and it only takes you a couple of seconds, all you need to do is remove the spray head from your perfume bottle, place your Travalo upright on top of the nozzle peg, and repeatedly pump it up and down to fill - you can see whilst your filling up through the window how much you have pumped. Do not overfill!
Once you have filled your Travalo up, do a test spray to make sure all is working well and your good to go! 
Travalo is suitable for Men and Women and make a great gift idea, with Fathers Day coming up why not give your dad a little treat in which he'll appreciate and get to re-use over and over again.
Not only are they super handy for carrying around in your hand bag for times when you want to freshen up, they are also great if your traveling and don't want to take your full sized perfume bottle that's going to weigh you or your luggage down.

The Travalo Classic Fragrance Atomizers come in a whole range of colours so there's bound to be a colour to suit you!  They are available to purchase from Feel Unique for only £11.49 with free worldwide delivery on all orders over £10!