For the longest time now i've been a very unhealthy eater and drinker - I honestly didn't see much point in dieting because i wouldn't see any results and i'm not a very dedicated person when it comes to diets, however that's all changed now.  I joined SlimmingWorld back in May and as well as that i have also tried a few light remedies to help me along my journey. 

I was lucky enough to be able to work with SkinnyMint* in trying out their 28 Day Teatox which includes the Morning Boost and Night Cleanse. I'm pretty sure you've all heard about these teatox's by now it's been all over the social media - however if you don't know then they are a teatox program in which you can do a 14 day or 28 day teatox. The teatox program offers great benefits some being to burn fat, reduce your appetite, increase energy, lose weight and help with bloating. 
I've just completed my Teatox, as well as being on SlimmingWorld i have easily lost 7 pounds in total since starting my SkinnyMint Teatox*. Though it may not really look like it in photo's i feel a lot lighter, my jeans have got loose and my boobs have shrunk (not my choice, unfortunately).

I'd start my morning with a Morning Boost and end my day with a Night Cleanse, my favourite has to be the Morning Boost in terms of taste as it's fruity whereas the Night Cleanse even though it still tastes lovely it has a slight bitterness which you do get use to very quickly and nothing that a slice of lemon can't fix.
The first week of SkinnyMint - as you can see i am extremely pale (don't judge) i was very happy with my weight the only thing i didn't like was my constantly bloated looking tummy which is why i wanted to give SkinnyMint a try in the first place.
On the first week i managed to shift 2 pounds with a ton of healthy eating, mainly salads and having a healthy breakfast all syned with SlimmingWorld.
The second week of SkinnyMint was a little tricky as there were times i'd nearly forget to drink my teas - i was also going through the time of the month where it normally makes me extremely hungry and i find myself wanting to snack a bit more. I held back and so glad i did as in the second week i managed to lose another 2 pounds. 
The above image is my final result of the SkinnyMint Teatox with a total weight loss of 7pounds and i am actually a lot more tanned compared to the first picture thanks to my lovely holiday away in Tenerife which made it a little tricky for me to keep up to date with SM.  
I ate a tad unhealthy whilst on holiday and put on 2 pounds however managed to shift it straight away when i came back so that made it easy for me. 
Overall i feel so much more healthy, have so much more energy in the mornings, less bloated and had loss of appetite resulting me to lose a little bit of weight due to not snacking at my desk (which is where i normally pig out).

I know i may look exactly the same in the before and after pictures but i do feel and see a weight loss in myself - and a lot of people have commented on it too.

I am extremely happy i've tried SkinnyMint and would 100% recommend it to everyone - it's a great thing to try out and even if you don't like it you can always give it to your friend or family member to try out.  Both me and my sister have tried SkinnyMint, loved it and saw results. SkinnyMint also offer a Besties Value Teatox which can save you 33% instantly with free worldwide shipping to.

I would happily repurchase this over and over again as it's probably the only thing i've tried when it comes to teatox's that i've actually seen results from.

Please note that what may work for me, may not work for everyone, since everyone's body responds differently. I managed to lose a few pounds due to SkinnyMint and joining SlimmingWorld which meant eating healthy and also light exercises which SkinnyMint do recommend.

You don't have to go for the 28 Day Teatox if your only wanting to try it out. They are a fab 14 Day Teatox to and of course if you love that you can move up to the 28 Day or even go for the Besties Value if you know a friend who may also like to try SkinnyMint.