Mmmm cupcakes are becoming a regular thing for my blog. I currently have a huge obsession with cupcakes, I swear I am meant to be obese, not that I actually make these all for me. 
Last week I made some delicious cupcakes for my work colleagues and they went down a treat so I decided to make some more.
I've been really enjoying baking again so I am hoping to make that a regular thing for my blog as you all seem to like my baking posts.
Using the same ingredients as my last Cupcake Sundays post but instead I added a whole bunch of colours in the cupcake cake batter. 
I started off with lining my cupcake tray with cases and took a spoonful of each colour, placing it lightly on top of each other, starting with green, then pink, blue and yellow on top.
For the icing, I did a lovely buttercream icing again mixing a ton of different colours. There was pink, purple, blue and yellow. 
There are different ways to achieve the 'unicorn' looking icing. On my first batch of cupcakes I placed each colour to the side of the piping bag and a colour in the middle but it didn't exactly go to plan, still looked amazing though. The other way to achieve the colourful icing is to careful drop small amounts of different coloured icing on top of each other then when your icing bags full, place a spoon inside the bag and give the icing a little twirl a few times just to mix the colours together.