I'm obsessed with playsuits, if any of you saw my Instagram snaps from when I went on holiday to Tenerife you would of saw, I practically lived in playsuits throughout the duration of my holiday!
I recently got the playsuit from LUXÊMME and I'm totally in love with it! It's possibly one of the most comfiest playsuits I now own and I love the Gallia Floral Contrast print. 

When I received the playsuit, I realised I order one size too big - which in all honesty worked in my favour.  When I tried this on, not only did it look amazing as a playsuit but you can totally play it off as a dress to.. I simply pinned it at the back to show off the playsuit side and without pinning it back you could totally wear it as a loose dress (as shown)
As you can see you can't actually tell that I have pinned this at the back, or that I've ordered one size too big. Even from the back you can't even tell! 
Here is what it looks like without it being pinned back, I actually love wearing this playsuit in both ways! You can barely tell that this can be worn as a loose fit dress which I love!
I ordered this playsuit in a size 8 but considering I'm 5ft1 may explain why it's like fitted like this on me. Both ways really flatter my body and I'd be sure to wear this is as either a dress or playsuit. 

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