Cleaning your makeup brushes can be such a chore, you either love it or hate it.  I personally don't mind cleaning my brushes, I tend to clean them every week if I can remember to. 
Applying your makeup with freshly cleaned brushes is the best feeling, not only does the products that you use with your brushes apply ten times better you can also rest assure that with clean brushes you are also less likely to break out as using dirty brushes which you have used to do multiple foundation applications has so many nasty bacterias.

If I'm ever travelling, I always make sure my brushes have been thoroughly cleaned before I go. However, when I'm not at home and there are no ways to clean my makeup brushes I always reach for the B. Makeup Brush Cleaner
Spray this product on your brush a few times and get a piece of tissue and run your brushes around in circles. I only use this really on my smaller brushes, such as my eyeshadow, brow and lip brushes. The product works amazing well, I was actually so surprised when I first used this, It removes even the darkest colours off your brushes to make them look all new and shiny again.
My other favourite way to clean my brushes is with a soap, an all natural non scented soap.  It's pretty simple but all you need to do is swish your brushes around with the soap under warm running water and it cleans itself.  Make sure to fully rinse the soap off and leave to dry. You can purchase non scented soap anywhere, I actually made mine from when I owned a bath bomb store so I like to use them to clean my brushes. 
Lastly, this is probably how most people clean their brushes and it's my favourite way to clean my brushes to. Johnsons Baby Shampoo is honestly the cheapest option and also I find that it cleans my brushes the best. When I want my brushes to have a proper deep clean, this is what I like to use. This cleans my makeup brushes thoroughly, leaving them squeaky clean and looking brand new, it's also so gentle on your brushes.  I've noticed that when using this over anything else than this makes my brushes shred less.

How do you like to clean your makeup brushes?