It's hard to stay motivated at times, especially when you've set your heart and soul into something then eventually feel like you want to give it all up.
I have had this feeling plenty of times, blogging to me is very hard to keep up with. You can say this to your friends and family but they will never understand how truly hard it is to keep up with your blog.
Not only is there having to write the content which some may think is the easiest, I personally think it's the hardest part. You've also got to take the photos, edit them to size, brighten etc.. and that's not even half of it! You also have to link things up, share your posts on social media accounts and then work on your next post.

I always struggle to stay motivated, I had such a bad week last week and I thought 'you know what that's it I cannot be bothered anymore'... I soon snapped out of it and realised there is a reason why I do this.. I LOVE blogging, it's my little space on the internet where I can share my thoughts with others and connect with those who I share the same interests with.
Here is a list of things that can help others in need if they are feeling a little less unmotivated to be a little more motivated. 

  • Planning - Have a notebook to keep track of your blog posts, you only need the one otherwise you're going to confuse yourself.  At the start of the month, write down all blog posts you want to write about that month and stick to it, even change things up a bit.  Every time you complete a post, just tick it off the list. 
  • Pre-shoot Photo's - I'm sure a lot of bloggers do this already but when taking photo's take a dozen or a thousand of them, plan ahead and take photo's for upcoming blog posts too. This can save you so much time. 
  • Motivational Quotes - I have a wall full of inspirational quotes that keep me motivated. They can be anything from 'live, laugh, love' or 'do what makes you happy'.  Find one's that you love and are motivational, print them off and stick it somewhere you can see. This will help you stay on top of things and hopefully give you that little kick.
  • Schedule Posts - I work a lot so I have to schedule posts, I make sure to schedule at least 3 posts ahead so I can make sure to have one post up every day.  You don't have to follow suit but if you're planning to post daily or even every other day then this option is perfect.  Type your post up and schedule your post for when you want it up and do the same for any other posts you have planned.
I'm pretty sure there's so much that I have missed out but these are ways on how I stay motivated. Just remember why you started blogging in the first place and what inspires you to carry on blogging.. 

How do you stay motivated?..