This cold weather has really messed with my skin lately, I don't know how many times I've had to switch up products to find ones that are suitable for this time of year.
My skin never does really with cold weather, it's normally a mixed combo between dry and normal but mainly normal.  However, with all this rough weather it's been nothing but dry.. Dry and bumpy and just horrible. 
I've been testing out a ton of new products on my skin lately and one product which has actually helped massively is the Face Gym Mimi Luzon Snails Revive Serum*.

"Bio active serum with snail secretion containing rich complex of proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans, glycoprotein enzymes, hyaluronic acid and a blend of anti-aging extracts. 
Regenerates and stimulates new cell growth. Rearranges the skin's matrix for smooth appearance. Strengthens the epidermal barrier for increasing hydration and in overall benefits increases skin elasticity, density and volume."

As soon as I read the description, minusing out all the huge words that I do not understand one bit! I thought this is what my skin is totally lacking right now.
This serum is for all skin types which is perfect right now as my skin is a mixture of all, dry, normal, oily in some areas but my main concern was the dryness.  This product is a multi-use product and can be used on your face or the body, I've been testing this product out only on my face.

I've been using this product for the past 3 weeks now every other day to give my skin a little break in-between uses and it's worked a treat. I normally get really dry skin on my forehead and my cheeks and this has reduced this massively. It's kept my skin more balanced and more hydrated.
I normally apply this after I have cleansed my face in the morning and evening and following up with a moisturiser.  I will say this, if you apply this alone then it does feel quite drying on the skin as the texture of this is a clear serum which dries within seconds of application you want to make sure to apply a moisturiser straight after to avoid any more dryness. 

Overall this revive serum has definitely surprised me, I can get a bit lazy with my skincare and tend to skip serum but this has shown me that serums can actually work well alongside a moisturiser and help boost your skin.
This serum is ridiculously expensive, I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I saw the price of this, so if you really want to go all out and treat yourself or a loved one then this would be the ultimate pamper gift.

The Mimi Luzon Snails Revive Serum retails for £123 for a 30ml and can be found online - link here