After Christmas there's always huge sales - You have the boxing day sales then you have the January sales.  As I placed myself on a spending ban the start of this year, that meant I still had a few days at the end of last year to spend and my first stop was LUSH.
LUSH always have crazy Boxing Day sale hauls where mostly all the Christmas products are half price, each year you are placed in an online queue and it's first come first serve. 
I didn't actually manage to place my order until about 11:30 that night so there wasn't many products left as most were sold out, however I am still dead happy with what I did manage to get.
From the sale I mainly wanted to stock up on the Snow Fairy shower gel as this is my all time favourite shower gel and I am so sad that it's now gone for another year. I recently received the 500g bottle of this for my birthday and have only just used it all up.
I've seen loads of people with the bigger sized bottle and was gutted that they were all sold out and all there was left was the smaller 100g bottles, so I picked up 2 of those for only £1.98 each.
I also picked up 2 of the Golden Wonder bath bombs which are one of my faves, this smells gorgeous, turns your bath a deep aqua blue and makes your bath water look like silk from all the golden shimmer, it also has gold stars embedded in the bath bomb which floats on top of the water.

I picked up one of the Cinders bath bomb for only £1.48, I do like this bath bomb but not a massive fan of it so only picked the one up. This smells so cinnamony and spicey.
I picked up 3 items which were not in the sale but are my faves from LUSH, The Experimenter is a new bath bomb and I've seen a lot of people use it, it's colourful smells pretty great too. Excited to use this one.

My favourite product from LUSH is the Rose Jam bubbleroon, I have loved this since they brought it out. I just remember one day going into a LUSH store and spotting this and loving it ever since.
Another repurchase was the Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment, this has a very similar if not the same scent as Rose Jam, I love using this when my skin needs a little pick me up as it leaves my skin feeling so moisturised after.
I also picked up the Little Snow Fairy gift set for only £4.25, this contains another Snow Fairy 100g and the Fun bubble bar.
I must admit the only reason I picked this up was for the Snow Fairy shower gel, however, I really love the bubble bars so thought I'd get this gift set and give the Fun bubblebar a go. 
Lastly in the sales I picked up the Snow Fairy's Castle gift set, again I picked this up because it had the shower gel in but also because it contained the Magic Wand which is another one of my favourites. I picked up 3 of those Magic Wands all through-out November and December and love using this in my bath. 
This gift set also contains the So White bath bomb and the Fairy Dust dusting powder. 

What's your favourite item from LUSH?