With Valentines just around the corner, some of you may celebrate the occasion, some of you may not.  I don't really celebrate it, I think I've mentioned this in past posts but despite the fact I now have a FiancĂ© I still don't really and have never really celebrated it. 
However, for those who do and are struggling to find just the perfect gift for your loved one, then I may have just have the perfect gift idea. 
Cheerz is a website that allows you to order your own photo's printed on all sorts of products such as magnets, strips, photo albums, posters etc.. There's a huge selection to choose from and can be personalised to how you like it. 
With Valentine's Day coming up, Cheerz are offering 2 products to choose from - the Love Strips and the Love Cheerz Box. I recently reviewed the Christmas Cheerz Box so if you want to see what that's like then take a look at this post
The Cheerz Love Strips are available from £6.50 and gives your photo's a photo booth effect which is perfect for Valentine's Day, snap a couple or a millions photo's with your lover and order them to look like you've just stepped foot out of a photo booth.
Each photo strip contains 4 pictures and you can order from 5 or 10 strips with price starting from £6.50. 
I selected all my photo's from Instagram, a few of these photo's are mine and a few are accounts I follow and pictures I've liked. 

With Valentines Day and Mothers Day coming up why not order your loved one's a little something special and bit more personal. 

Use my referral code: HOLCXO and you'll get £4 off your first order.