If you suffer from dry skin around this time of year then I have just found the perfect solution to help battle dryness and also to help with aging of the skin. 
This time of the year is possible the worse time for my skin, not only does it get really dry, my skin also feels and gets really dehydrated resulting it to not feel so good and most places you can feel the dryness such as my hands and face especially. 
The NEW Bee Good Necta Perfecta Beautifying Mask* is a 4 in 1 treatment for your face and body which helps rehydrate, revitalise aging skin and also help brighten your skin.
I also find during this time of year that I take very well care of my skin, I mean, I do that anyways but especially during this time of the year i take extra special care in keeping it hydrated and moisturised so it doesn't get too bad.

A few weeks back my skin was probably at it's lowest, I had dry patches on my cheeks, forehead, chin and even my hands have been extremely dry. 
I normally have a go-to product which i tend to reach for when my skin gets like this but i decided to try this new Bee Good Necta Perfecta Beautifying Mask* as it practically does everything i need it to on the pot, so after a couple of weeks of using this product day and night my skin has finally restored itself and I am happy to say that this product alone was the key to it. 

This mask has a thin but oily consistency, which I normally apply right after i wake up in the morning to give my skin some oil and balance out my dryness, I normally leave the mask on for about 10-15minutes depending on how rushed i am for time.. After i rinse this off my skin instantly feels moisturised and hydrated that i don't even need to apply a moisturiser.  I did this routine morning and night and within a couple of weeks my skin has no dryness, it feels a lot smoother and looks more balanced. 
This product is also amazing at keeping your dry hands at bay too, I apply this between every finger where most of the dryness occurs and then on the back of my hand and leave overnight.  Then every morning i wake up to beautiful soft hands again.. It really is an amazing 4-in-1 mask which can be used on your face or body, I now always reach for this any time i get any spot of dryness. 

The Bee Good Necta Perfecta Beautifying Mask is available to purchase online for £39.95 - link