Pregnancy is an amazing thing, it's possibly the most incredible feeling being pregnant - There's plenty of up's and down's throughout the 9 months of growing your little peanut/bump/little bear or whatever you like to nickname your growing tummy.  Mines a simple nickname, i've called her baby girl ever since finding out her gender but before that it was little peanut.
Like i said, pregnancy is a wonderful thing however it doesn't always come easy and normally comes with a lot of weird and random feelings and symptoms so i thought i'd list my pregnancy symptoms i've had so far during my pregnancy. I am now currently 35w+5d so not long left to go but ever since i found out i was pregnant at 2-3 weeks i had my pregnancy symptoms kick in almost straight away!

This started when i was 28weeks pregnant. One day I woke up and went to brush my teeth and noticed my tongue felt a bit sore. I checked it out in the mirror and it just looked gross, later that day i went to the chemist who gave me some mouthwash to help clear it, which it didn't and it tasted like medicine and not the good kind, no matter how hard you tried you couldn't get that taste out of your mouth, so i stopped using it. I later found out that due to an increase in hormones and being anemic that this can do that, both of which i have/suffer with.
So ever since i came off my Ferrous Sulfate tablets last week my tongue has now cleared up and is back to it's normal-self so i'm assuming it's all the iron that i was taking that was causing it to be like that. (if you don't know what a Geographical Tongue is, google it... it's not nice!)

This was something i wasn't sure if it was down to pregnancy or just a random coincidence as i've never had problems with my ears, ever!
I suffered with a blocked right ear for about 2 months and it was driving me crazy! I don't even know how it started off, i woke up and was just deaf in one ear, not completely but i could barely hear out of it and it wasn't getting any better throughout the weeks.
I tried to talk to my midwife about it, thinking maybe i was being silly as she's not a doctor.
However, having seen my GP she confirmed that the extra fluid build up with pregnancy can cause a blocked ear and actually it's very common. I now have to use a nasal spray to help clear the extra fluid build up and thankfully it's helped and my hearing is now back to normal!

So this is a very common pregnancy symptom but one i wanted to add in. I've experienced this since very early on in my pregnancy, I am quite a petite person and already suffer with back pains pre-pregnancy and my belly very much grows outwards which affects my back and pelvic the most. At first i thought it was just back pain but i soon discovered that it was PGP when most of the pain was shooting down my back into my buttocks and legs and makes it hard for me to even walk anywhere! This was confirmed by my doctor and midwife and i was offered physiotherapy to help but unfortunately it has been booked up so haven't been able to actually go. I find what helps is light exercise during the day, just walking about around the house helps. Too much walking actually makes it worse for me.

Okay so where is this so called 'glow' everyone tells us about?.. I have not experienced any glow since being pregnant, in fact the complete opposite i just look like a mess all the time. Even when i try to look good it just never turns out right and i look like a sweaty mess.

I'm not sure if this goes for other pregnant ladies but i'm sure a lot of other pregnant ladies experience this to. I am boiling hot all the time, like all the time!! I get the sweats at night time and during the day when i'm out and about I get so hot that i almost want to pass out, like literally! During the food shop the other day i actually almost fainted i was getting that hot,  embarrassing i know. It also doesn't help that i had steroid injections whilst in hospital the other day which the most common symptom is hot flushes.. greeeat!

This goes for all pregnant ladies but no matter what position i'm in, if i'm laying down or sitting up I am always uncomfortable. Especially the bigger my tummy gets the worse it gets.. I can't lay down without feeling my huge tummy is being pushed on and the baby is getting squished. I also can't find a comfy position to sit up and end up half sitting on one butt cheek which makes things worse for my pelvic and back pains.

So before i fell pregnant and as long as i can remember i have always had dry/sensitive skin, however i now have an oily/combination skin complexion since being pregnant. Because all my skincare products are for dry/sensitive skin i can't use it without looking more like an oily mess. Even my makeup is for dry skin so when i use it within like an hour my skin is so oily and just looks a mess. Thinking i may need to do a little splurge and get myself some new make up.

I have this very on and off, but the hunger pains - wow!  During the first trimester i didn't really have much of an appetite because of morning sickness, so I only really had it bad during my second trimester where i was always so hungry all the time and would literally eat anything even if i don't normally eat it. The hunger pains are a real thing, it actually hurt when i was that hungry and i was hungry like all the time, my tummy was constantly rumbling.  Now though, thank goodness i don't really get it and my appetite is back to normal.

This probably goes out to all the pregnant women but my gosh one moment i'll be okay and all happy then the next minute i'm crying to the smallest things.  For example, the other day i was watching old episodes of Masterchef US and i cried because Gordon Ramsay was being so horrible to someone and it literally got to me i burst out crying.. Looking back at it now i laugh and find it hilarious that sometimes my mood changes so quickly.

I think this all comes down to the size of the bump really, i used to be able to shave everywhere but since my bump started to get bigger and bigger i can no longer do things like shave my legs or anywhere else below the bump.
It's actually a real pregnancy struggle especially because since becoming pregnant i'm more hairy everywhere! My leg hairs grow back within days of shaving, even belly hair too! I find that taking a bath i can just about reach the razor on my legs but anywhere else is a no go. I mean i tried to shave my feminine parts (TMI) but you can barely see past the bump so it's just a guessing game really of where you're shaving and quite dangerous too!

What pregnancy symptoms have you/did you experienced during your pregnancy?..