I love making wishlists of all the things i've been eyeing up lately however it also reminds me of all the items i really want but also cannot afford too. This wishlist i've put together is only half of the items i've been really wanting to purchase.. So for now i'll just save it under the 'wishlist' tabs on my laptop. 
I've seen so many bloggers already rave about this highlighting kit and i don't blame them, from what i've seen all the shades are stunning! I'm thinking of purchasing this for my clients as i think it would make a great staple in my makeup kit. 

These makeup brushes look absolutely stunning, i do love myself a good set of brushes especially when they look like this! Plus a girl can never have too many makeup brushes, right?.. 

I've been researching new foundations to try out as i'm getting a little bored with the ones i do have, i spotted someone using this in a tutorial on youtube and it seemed perfect. I think i'm going to definitely grab a sample of this first before i purchase the full size. 

Once again, a blogger influence purchase. I've been watching so many tutorials on youtube lately with these new L'Oreal Coloristas and i really want to try them out. I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant at the moment so don't want to be using any hair dyes until i've given birth but i definitely want to give these a go! 

I'm running low on my current bronzer and fancy a change so have been looking into getting a new one which i haven't tried before. This bronzer looks like it would work perfectly for me and it's relatively affordable too. 

I am in need of a new brow gel, my current one looks all mucky and gross from where i've used it so much, plus it's running low so gives me a good excuse to purchase another one. I love Charlotte Tilbury products however, i'm not sure if i'd pay the £18.50 price tag for a clear sculpting gel if i could get one cheaper that works just as well. 

I'm currently looking for a makeup brush roll to store my brushes for when i go back to work as a makeup artist (after maternity leave) and spotted this one. Not only is it marble and absolutely stunning it's relatively cheap too for a decent makeup brush roll. 

What's currently on your wishlist this month..?