I cannot believe my baby girl is 2 weeks and 1 day old as i'm writing this! Where does time go??... well actually i know exactly where all my times gone haha.

I wasn't sure if i wanted to write a labour story post as i wasn't sure if it would be something that would interest you all but even if it doesn't it's something for me, for Lilly and something i could document and remember forever..
So let's go back to the 27th March, a whole month before my due date... I woke up in the morning and went to the toilet as usual, when i finished doing my business and wiped and there was my mucus plug.. Now not knowing what this was originally i googled and found out it was my mucus plug and getting worried i would start my labour very soon as it would make my baby girl premature and i didn't want that to happen.. however nothing happened til the week after..

On the 7th April, i was exactly 37 weeks pregnant (full term, luckily) my waters broke.. It didn't just gush out like i thought it would it started as if i went for a pee but in fact when i thought i was done, i stood up and was still peeing.. this happened a couple of times before i knew it was my waters that had broke! I called the hospital and was told to go in straight away to confirm it was my waters that had broke and i wasn't just peeing myself.. When i went in hospital, it was confirmed.. my waters had indeed broke. 
I was kept in overnight to be monitored and hoping my contractions/labour would start on their if not then i'd be induced the next morning.. Nothing happened overnight but at 7am when they strapped me up to monitor the baby's heartbeat and contractions they sensed that the baby was stressed as her heart was beating too fast. Luckily, nothing came of it and both myself and baby were okay.

So after a whole day without labour starting on it's own, i was wheeled off to the labour ward to have the rest of my waters broken and start the labour process.
As soon as my waters were broken officially my contractions started within minutes.. I remember the first contraction coming and being honest.. it felt like i needed to go for a poo and so i ran off to the toilet, ripping everything i had strapped up to me off.. 
As i sat on the toilet for the first few contractions wondering if they were contractions or if i had an upset tummy... I was told to move back onto the bed and was given gas and air to help with the pain.
Gas and air did absolutely nothing for me!! I was then checked to see how dilated i was and i was only 3cm at this stage, then another few more contractions came and i was ready to push!!

The midwife came and checked to see how dilated i was within the space of 10minutes'ish and i was 8cm dilated.. The midwife was so shocked that i had dilated that much in only a short amount of time and a few more contractions came and i started to push.. I remember the pain so clearly and how much of her i felt as she came out. 

On 8th April 2017 at 10:43pm, weighing 6.13oz my beautiful baby girl was born and placed into my arms, i remember all the love i felt for her straight away and could not stop looking at her. 

I had to have stitches straight after giving birth as she cuddled with daddy and got all her checks done. 

The midwife came over to me and told me that i had the most quickest labour that they had seen, from having my waters broken to giving birth it was only 32minutes long, so i can honestly say i was very very lucky. Not only to have such a short labour but for the support i had off my Fiance, as well as the amazing midwives delivering my baby.