It's been far too long since i last blogged, in fact it's been so long i had forgotten what my blog even looked like, let alone trying to figure out how to upload pictures and how to type.
Let's just say these past few months have been manic and i've only just gotten round to a routine (kind of) with Lilly.
Lilly is now 19 weeks as i write this, so we've been through all her immunisations the 8week, 12week and 16week one and she's also had her BCG too as well as her 4 month sleep regression..
I don't really have a strict routine with Lilly but i do have some sort of a to-do list for the day/s and have done from very early on so from around 3-4 weeks.
Basically in our routine we like to make sure she goes on her play mat, has tummy time, bath time around 5-6pm along with bedtime stories and singing and then we make sure she has her last bottle before 8pm and in bed by 9pm.
Of course this doesn't always work out, she does play up some nights and we have to stay up with her all night but this is what we mainly focus on throughout the day at the moment.
We also just finished the dreaded 4 month regression, which by the way was the absolute devil. Lilly was so much more fussier than normal, very needy, didn't like to be held by anyone but me or daddy, ate a ton more and of course.. she refused any sort of sleep and throughout the night she was up every 1-2 hours. The regression lasted about 2 weeks for us, sometimes it's less or sometimes more for others.. but it's safe to say that i'm glad that's finally over and she's slowly getting back to her normal routine!

Her immunisations all went okay, 8 week ones went great besides from the slight temperature which we gave her more calpol and she was back to normal the next day.. 12 week immunisations there was literally no change in her and the 16 week one's were by far the worse. She had a really high temperature, didn't want to sleep and also was starting to teeth at the same time.. so not only did she feel poorly and didn't want to eat she was also screaming in pain from teething too. It was a complete nightmare! This only lasted a couple of days though but so glad she's all done with her jabs until she's a year old.

In terms of sleeping, she naps only sometimes in her bed during the days, so mostly she naps on me or daddy or if we are out and about then she will nap in her car seat or pram. Night times we have mastered putting her down to sleep in her cot. Lilly outgrew her moses basket when she was just 8 weeks old so we transferred her to her cot at only 8 weeks but she seemed to get on with it really well.

0-4 months, Lilly has learnt to:

  • smile
  • laugh
  • hold her own head up
  • roll over from on her front to her back
  • sit up (supported)
  • hold toys in her hands 
  • suck her hands
I think that's it for Lilly's 0-4 month update, i'll try doing these more monthly so i can actually remember things and write it out as i go.

Thanks for reading!