Recently when I stopped by my local Superdrugs I spotted a new brand - Bilou.  I'm not sure how long they have been out but I was assuming they were a relatively newish brand and me being me I had to grab something to try out.. From what I could see Bilou have shower foams, body sprays and body creams. 
 I picked up the Bilou Cotton Candy Shower Foam as that sounded right up my street, I absolutely love anything sweet scented so immediately placed this in my basket without any hesitation. 

I'm not sure about others but I love using foam shower gels to shave, I much prefer them to actual shaving foams or creams - Plus you can just purchase the one and it's a multi-use product. 
I took my Bilou Shower Foam with me to Budapest and it was heaven, and I mean heaven!! Hungary is a very very hot country, there was never a day there that was souring hot so it was always a luxury at the end of the night to have a shower.  Unlike other shower foams i've tried the Bilou shower foam doesn't require any 'shake before use'. The amount of times i've used this and just sprayed onto my palms without having to shake the product, only when you reach the bottom of the can do you really have to shake.
The scent was also gorgeous, I mean anything sweet scented is me all over.. But this was gorgeous and the scent lingers on your skin after you've washed and dried.. Which others I found don't.

The Bilou Shower Foam's retail for £3.99 each and come in loads of different scents. Now I'm not sure if I would say that was 'cheap' or just about right, this shower foam alone has lasted me over 2 weeks so I would say yes it was worth the money in my opinion and again I use it as a multi-use product. 

Have you tried any products from Bilou?.. You can find them at your local Superdrugs or online