This time last week we were getting ready to travel our first holiday as a family to Budapest - Hungary for a family wedding.
Not only was this our first holiday as a family of 3 but it was the first time taking our 4 month old baby on an aeroplane. (There will be a whole another post all about our holiday)
First off, I was so nervous about taking Lilly away from home for a few nights as it was difficult enough as it was settling her anywhere but home... 

On the way to the airport I remember saying to my mother in law how i felt so panicky because Lilly likes to cry... like all the time.. and what happens if she cries when we get on the plane? Am i allowed to stand up and comfort her?  What about if she starts annoying other passengers with her whininess. Then i thought to myself, you know what.. she's a baby, she cries for a reason and thats what babies do.. We were all once a baby and all probably had a good cry over nothing.
However, having said all of that she was good as gold on the plane and throughout the whole holiday, in fact she loved it so much she was smiling throughout most of it. 

Now i'm pretty sure lots of parents go through all of this with their baby's especially worrying if their babies will be crying or not but there are some greats tips which i've learnt from other bloggers who have given me tips along the way (Thanks Tamsin - Go give her a follow she's a lovely fellow mummy blogger who has a beautiful daughter called Grace) I also picked up a few tips along the way which could possibly help those out who are thinking of traveling with a baby/toddler.
  • FEEDING BABY WHEN TAKING OFF AND LANDING - This is really important and probably the most important tip of all so your baby is not in any discomfort from the take off/landing. Make sure you're either feeding your baby or that they are sucking their dummy during take off and when landing. Lilly wasn't hungry at all during each but we made she was sucking her dummy throughout and that really helped. 
  • PRAMS - When taking your pram abroad, depends which airline you're traveling with but i'm sure most are the same and same rules apply.  If not then you can always call the airline you're traveling with to ask which is what i also did.  You can take your pram right up to the gate where they will tag each part of your pram.. as we have a 3 in 1 travel system for our baby we of course had to tag each part.. the car seat, carry on and the main frame. You'll get your pram back either as soon as you land or they will place it on the belt along with your luggage. Ask the air hostesses when you've landed and they will normally tell you what to do.
  • FORMULA - You are allowed to take baby formula whether that's ready made bottles or powder formula.. We took both with us and made sure to take out the ready made bottles, our flask and the baby formula powder from our bags when going through customs. They may ask you to open a bottle of premade formula to test and also with the flask of water.  They will also scan through the machines too but we took a total of 5 premade bottles which works out to 1000ml and a flask which had about 600-800ml of hot water in too. Or if your worried then call ahead to Boots who can put aside your formula for you once you've gone through customs and you can pick it up straight away. 
  • HAND LUGGAGE - Now i'm sure everyone has their own personal preferences for what they carry in their hand luggage but with mine i packed for the baby - 2x Muslim Clothes, socks, blanket, 2 sets of spare clothes, spare dummy, a cuddly toy, hat, nappies, nappy sacks, baby wipes, 2 bibs, travel changing mat and of course baby formula.
  • BABY SUNCREAM - Suncream is so important, not just for your baby but for yourself too. We took the Nivea Sun F50 Kids Sun Protect & Sensitive Spray,  depending how long your staying for and also if you're traveling to a hot country you'll only really need the one bottle. Our's lasted for ages and we still have loads left and we used it between the 3 of us.  Also remember to take an umbrella if you can, our pram doesn't come with those sun umbrellas so we ended up purchasing one when we were out there to protect the baby from the sun.
  • HOTELS/ACCOMMODATION - Most hotels provide cots for babies but when booking also make sure you have actually got a cot in your room ready, even if that means calling the hotel directly to ask.. You may also want to ask if they have a microwave and kettle, these are so you can either use the microwave for sterilising your bottles and the kettle to make formula up with. If the weather is hot where you're traveling to then also ask if they have a fan or aircon in the room, you'd be surprised the amount of hotels i've stayed at abroad that don't have them.
  • STERILISING BABY BOTTLES - This was one thing i was so worried about as I always like to make extra sure the baby's bottles are thoroughly cleaned properly. I normally use a steam steriliser at home but obviously couldn't take the whole thing with me.  I took my Tommee Tippee Microwave Steriliser and some Milton Sterilising Tablets,  I wasn't a huge fan of the tablets as i thought it made the bottles smell a bit like bleach but it does clean them properly so i'll give it a thumbs up anyways and Lilly didn't get sick of them so they do definitely work. 
  • KEEPING HYDRATED - Remember when your on holiday and especially if your in a hot country that you baby is most likely to be a bit more thirsty than normal and with the traveling to they will want to feed more to hydrate.  We fed every 2-3 hours to make sure that she was keeping hydrated and we also made extra sure to keep her out the sun most of the time too, so make sure to pack extra formula if your baby is formula fed or just be prepared to have your baby constantly attached to your boob. 
  • SOMETHING FROM HOME - Lilly doesn't really understand toys just yet but she loves this little rattle toy which is on her playmat and a teddy which we nicknamed Justin so we took both with us, this helped sooth her on the plane and also when putting her down for naps or to bed at night as it was something she was familiar with.. that and also the scent of home which made her a bit more at ease I think. 
You'll also have to be prepared if your baby is a little unsettled for a couple of nights, we were lucky and Lilly was only unsettled for the first night from all the traveling around.
Lilly also didn't like her cot which we had in the hotel so she slept only in her pram carry on and we made sure she was swaddled and had a blanket on top as we had to have aircon on.

I think i've covered all that i need to but if you have any more questions on traveling with a baby then do get in touch or tweet me: @lovehollyxox

Are you looking forward to travelling with your baby?..