I'm pretty sure as a mother, most know that getting your baby to sleep takes time, effort and dedication.  We spend hours upon end settling our baby only for them to be woken up to the slightest noise. I don't know how many times this has happened to us, countless times now!  Lilly has always been a terrible day time napper, she does go down for naps now thank goodness but she's terrible at staying asleep and only naps at 30 minute intervals unless she's sleeping on either me or my partner.. Then after that she's wide awake but still whining that she's tired and it's like fighting an ever lasting losing battle. 
I've always used a fan or our iPad in our bedroom for white noise, unlucky for us that we have a very noisy household so during the day and night we have to keep our fan on just so Lilly goes to sleep and hopefully stays asleep.
There are so many white noise toys on the market nowadays but you really do have to think about if it will really work, if it will help settle baby and keep them asleep etc.. After all, you don't want to spend all that money only for it to not work. 

When we received our MyHummy White Noise Toy* I was so excited to put it to the test! We picked out the Fleur White Noise Toy which has just one button for Five Sounds has a Smart Sleep Sensor, Non-Stop Mode, a Gentle fade out after 60 minutes and you can also change the volume too.
This was perfect and exactly what we were looking for, we picked out the Ocean Waves noise and put it to the test at Lilly's next nap time..

We switched off the fan in our room and as I settled Lilly I played the MyHummy Toy noise next to her so when I placed her down in her cot she would slowly get used to the white noise.. As I left the room I had all fingers crossed that she would nap longer than 30 minutes at least. 
So as I managed to get her down, Fleur right next to her - I thought now would be a great time to snap a photo for this post.. Only as I turned my camera on, got it ready took a blurry snap as it wouldn't focus.. and bam she was awake again!!
So that didn't quite work out.. as I re-settled and tried again this time she wasn't having any of it and when I placed her down all she kept doing was staring at the MyHummy toy.. Fabulous I thought, she's not settling down for her nap now so we tried again on the next nap time.

Next nap time came around and this time I tried doing something a little different, I kept the fan on a low setting and placed the MyHummy behind Lilly's head. I left the room and took the monitor downstairs and just watched and watched like a hawk.. waiting for her to wake up within the next 30minutes but 30 minutes came by and went, then 45 minutes.. Then at just over an hour, she woke up.. I don't normally rush into her straight away, I normally watch for a little bit to see if she will drop off again, she had a little look around, spotted the little camera and did a cheeky little smile and babbled away to herself.  Normally, after her 30 minute nap is up she would cry instantly, be so grumpy and when I do try to resettle her she wouldn't have any of it and we waited to the next nap time, but this time round she was happy.
Call it a coincidence but I hadn't changed anything else - I placed her down before she got too tired, made sure she had a clean nappy on and wasn't hungry the only thing I had changed was turning the fan down to a low setting and placing the MyHummy behind her..
The next few days she was a little on and off with her naps during the day, but then again she is going through a leap which means she's being more clingy and fussy so it's not surprising..
However, her naps have been longer than normal - sometimes 45mins, sometimes up to an hour or slightly over.

I would definitely put it down to the MyHummy White Noise Toy as to how she's taking longer naps now, she has always been the baby where she needs white noise to sleep especially as she's so used to having a noisy household anyway..
We had to slowly transition the noise of the fan to just the MyHummy toy and so far she's taken to it well.. Although sometimes if the house is a little busy then we will still turn the fan on, but during the days if it's just us 2 at home then I'll just have the MyHummy toy playing besides her and it's brilliant!
The main features I love about it is the fact that the sound plays for 30 minutes, then if she starts making a noise after that the toy will then start playing again.. It also has different noises which i like too and it's not restricted to the one noise, we love the sound of the Ocean Waves that's by far Lilly's favourite.
It's also very easy to set up and only requires 3 AAA batteries which we found has lasted us a good few weeks, despite the fact we do sometimes accidently forget to switch it off.. It's also very easy to use and only has the one button for each setting.

White Noise Toys aren't cheap, but if it means you'll get that extra time during the day to sit down and have a cuppa or like me now I'm sat writing up this post whilst the bubba naps next door.  I'd say they are well worth the money and definitely a good investment, especially if you do plan on having more babies too as they can always be passed down.

The MyHummy White Noise Toy's are priced between £39-£59 and have 3 different styles - Sleepy Head, Snoozy and the Teddy Bear's. (The one shown above is the Fleur Teddy Bear)

When I manage to get a snap of her snoozing besides her Fleur toy i'll be sure to upload and update this post.

Does your baby also catnap during the day?.. Have you tried a white noise toy?..