Having a baby is hard work... that's what i thought up until Lilly turned one. I thought having a baby was the hardest work of all as nothing can quite prepare you for motherhood.
Now that Lilly is 14 months old she definitely knows what she wants and she for sure will let me know when she's bored, hungry or tired (this can be achieved with the biggest meltdown and scream-fest you will ever hear).

Keeping a toddler occupied is very hard when your stuck indoors all day, some days i just want to rip my hair out when Lilly throws tantrums after tantrums because she's bored so here are a few ideas on how to keep your baby/toddler occupied and less bored, these fun activities can be indoor or outdoor depending on the weather. 

LEGO - We ordered a pack of Lego from VERY on sale a week ago and Lilly loves playing with it, she hasn't quite got the hang of sticking them all together yet but she loves to watch others play with it and also loves throwing it around the room. 

▩ BALL PIT - Lilly got a ball pit for her birthday a couple months ago and loves to play in it, she does nowadays tend to get bored and crawls out of it but it does keep her occupied for a good while especially when we throw a bunch of toys in there for her to play with too. 

▩ BUILD A PLAY DEN - We've only started doing this recently but we have a spare bit of space upstairs on the landing where she has all her other little toys so we like do build a little play den for her to sit in and play, she loves that i get fluffy blankets out and build a den so we can sit in. 

▩ OUTDOOR POOL - When the weather gets really hot we like to get Lilly's old bathtub and make her own little paddling pool for her to play in, this is a great idea to keep them cool in the heat and also lots of fun too. Lilly loves the water so this is one of her favourite activities. - Throw a few of their favourite toys in there to, Lilly loves her rubber ducks and balls from the ball pit. 
▩ MUSIC MAKING  - When i need to get things done around the house, like cook dinner, Lilly tends to follow me everywhere i go so I give her the saucepans, spatulas anything i can find to keep her occupied for a few minutes.. She loves hitting things together and using the saucepan as a drum. She normally hits the saucepan and laughs her head off to herself that she's making such a racket but she loves it too!

▩ HAVE A PICNIC - We love to have little picnics in the garden when it's nice and sunny, I normally lay a fluffy blanket or an old bed sheet on the grass in the shade, take her lunch and drink out with us as well as a few snacky bits and she will pick at what she wants to eat. I also like to bring a couple of toys out with us to keep her occupied too. 

I'd love to know what you like to do with your baby/toddler to keep them busy during the day?...